we are a reliable sourcing for you in Africa. Our supply network is steady and the cooperatives with work with are always satisfied and happy to collaborate with us.


We have almost 5 years in the export of raw materials, we've trade, Cup Lumps, Rubber Blocks, Wood Logs, Coconut, Corns and many more.


Currently working on a development project, which consist of setting up a production line with about 500 MT of block processed

Our Story

It all started by doing sourcing for local factory, and with the network, we have slowly started to find buyers in Asia, till in 2014 the chance was given to us.

Since then, our company is progressively growing. We have team on the field, in contact wit the suppliers, we have teams who build our own weighbridges, our own logistic department and now a sales department located in Jakarta.

What People Say About Us

We are very happy with KENTOO Cup Lumps and we never had a problem. Communication is easy and reports are always well detailed.
Mine Trade
KENTOO is a small company with alot of potential. It was a pleasure working with them, fast, reliable and responsive.